Coupling bronze feets



We  developed  these massive bronze coupling feets, to provide our customers  a complete offer , together with our spring decoupling feet, about the positioning and interfacing problems of electronics and speakers system.

In fact, when a audio device generates vibrations, it is preferable to "couple" to convey these out of the device and disperse them on a massive support. On the other hand, when we have a device that is not inclined to generate vibrations but contrariwise, is susceptible, in its operation, to suffer from vibrations generated to the external ( air, table, etc..)  it is a good choice decoupling with a spring system. The distinctions from these two extreme situations, are never perfectly defined,  and experimentation is most useful.


The material we have chosen for  Clinamen coupling feet is bronze. The reason is simple: it is one of the best materials, much better than steel and aluminum  alloys. Its only problem is the cost, which is much higher. Bronze has excellent vibration dissipation properties.

The bronze, with is high specific weight,  allows to build heavy weight feets in a small volume: our bronze feets, measure 45mm height and 45 mm in diameter, and the weight of each of it is 400 gr: this weight is a best way for dissipate parasitic vibrations of the audio devices. 


I piedini sono venduti in confezione da 4 pezzi in elegante scatola in legno serigrafata laser. Il foro passante per il fissaggio può essere da 4 o 6 mm, da specificare al momento dell'ordine. Nella parte inferiore il piedino reca una scanalatura per l'alloggiamento di un O-RING che permette un saldo appoggio al piano, senza alcun pericolo di scivolamento.  The feets are sold in packs of 4 pieces in a laser cutting plywood box.

The  fixing hole of the feets can be 4 or 6 mm, to be specified when ordering. In the bottom  face of the feetsyou can find  a rubber O-RING which allows a stable contact to the support, without any danger of slipping. The feets are painted , to prevent oxidation


Clinamen Coupling bronze feets  kit ( 4 feets) : including stainless steel fixing screw and beautiful laser cutting plywood box:  280 euro