Single Gain 99.99 Ag ♯



This Single Gain 99.99 Ag ♯ is the middle model in the Silver line.  As the top model triple gain , have the beautiful and massive CNC machined ERGAL box. As the entrly level model of the SIlver line, have only a gain available. With this model we  allow our customers to have all the advantages of the top model, but with a cheaper price. What is sacrificed is the versatility of the step-up since this version has a single gain that is to be chosen when ordering. It is a proposal for those who have clear ideas on the type of cartridge to use.

When you order the Single Gain 99.99 Ag ♯ you can choose between the following gain:


  • 1:12 (21,6 dB)   Primary impedance 24 Ω . Secondary impedance 3,5K Ω
  • 1:15 (23,6 dB)   Primary impedance 14Ω . Secondary impedance 3,2K Ω
  • 1:24 (27,6 dB)  Primary impedance 6 Ω.   Secondary impedance 3,5K Ω
  • 1:30 (29,6 dB)  Primary impedance 3,5Ω . Secondary impedance 3,2K Ω

You can read  the page of triple gain 99,99 Ag for all common features.

In comparison with the top model Triple gain, in this model we have CNC ERGAL Clinamenaudio feets, and not in bronze. And in the last , only a pair of RCA input female plug and not three pairs as in the triple gain model. 



  • Fixed gain. When you order you can choose between: 12, 15, 24,  30.
  • Silver secondary windings with 99.99% purity
  • Primary impedance: 24 Ω (gain 1:12)  14Ω (gain 1:15)  6Ω ( gain 1:24) . 3,5 Ω ( gain 1:30)
  • Secondary impedance: 3200 Ω 0 3500 Ω  a seconda del modello
  • DC secondary resistance : < 200Ω  a 20 °C
  • Fully balanced windings , Vacoperm ultra size custom Clinamen cores
  • CNC machined Ergal box,  12 mm thickness
  • Harmonic wood damping of body transformers ( cocobolo)
  •  Ergal CNC Clinamenaudio anodized feets
  • "SET" connectors for Harmonizator network
  •  RCA Shark Wire rodhium plates
  • Point to point hand made wiring
  • Welding made with JANTZEN 4% Ag Sn alloy
  • Weight: 2,8 Kg
  • Shipped with beauty laser cut wood box




  • Price: 2900 euro ,  with standard Clinamenaudio glossy metallized Venus grey, delivered in a fine laser cut wood box.
  • Harmonizator network : 120 euro pairs
  • Custom painting: 100 euro 
  • Pearly painting: 140 euro