達 磨 

Daruma dolls are Japanese dolls without any limbs; they represent Bodhidharma, the founder and first patriarch of Zen. The most common colors are red (the most frequent), yellow, green and white. The doll depicts a bearded man and the eyes are two white circles. Using black ink the user makes a wish and paints only one eye; if the wish comes true the second eye can be painted.

Because of their low gravity center some models of daruma dolls stand up again after being pushed on the side. For this reason they are a symbol of optimism, perseverance and determination.

Technical Data

  • Line preamplifier 0 feedback , High trans-conductance tubes, zero feedback
  • Only one active stage implement with 12B4 noval triode
  •  Inductive anode loaded with Vacoper Clinamen custom choke
  •  Inductive PSU, EZ 81 ( 6CA4) Vacuum tube rectifier
  • Electrolytic less technology: no electrolytic capacitor on the anode PSU, for better timber balance and fast transient response
  • Very low output impedance, only 600 ohm, achive with natural way ( no feedback, no cathode follower)
  • Input imepdance : 100 Kohm
  • Minimum load : 10kohm
  • Gain: 15 dB ( Voltage gain 5,5)
  • Input : 4 x stereo RCA
  • Output: 1x stereo RCA
  • Milliamperometer for polarization monitoring
  • Series stepped 24 step potentiometer, hand made in Italy 
  • Filament PSU DC stabilized
  • N.O.S. vacuum tubes ( 1xEZ81 + 2x12B4A)
  • Socket: CMC with bakelite body
  • Price : 4500 euro