CL12 diesis; wood glossy finish


The turntable below is a CL12#, build before the 2023, so, with the very good Thomas Schick tonearm. 

This turntable has a classic and elegant look, the top veneer matches the clamp made from Macassar Ebony, with black and dark brown sinuous veining. It has a mirror polished finishing. This specimen of turntable will find its place in the Clinamen listening room. Thus as well as the arm supplied as standard, the 12” Thomas Schick, we also supply an exclusive 9”: the Rega Audiomos series 5.

Both arms are geared to receive an external pentapolar cable. After several tests we decided that the quality of a suitable phono cable is much higher than the loss caused by the addition of a pentapolar attachment on the signal journey. A Clinamen RNA phono cable is supplied as standard.

The feet chosen in the pictures are the coupling bronze feet. Depending on their taste and needs, customers can choose between uncoupling spring feet and coupling bronze feet for the L5 #