"RNA" DIN/RCA phono cable



RNA is a phono cable with stranded conductors, electrostatic shielding, and five pole (DIN ) connector from the tonearm side, and KLEI Classic Harmony RCA plugs  from preamplifier side. 

We have dedicated ourselves to the construction of a phono cable with excellent characteristics, as following listening tests we realized how important is the quality of this first cable in the audio chain. In principle, our opinion that the solution of having a single cable which, starting from the head pins, and which arrived without interruption on the phono input could be the best solution due to the continuity of the cable. If the non-interruption of the signal by contacts and connectors is a very positive thing, this on the other hand limits to having to use the same cable from the beginning to the end of the wiring. And the wiring inside the tone-arm cannot be of high section, otherwise it would make the movement of the arm very fluid. It follows that using a cable of modest section and not very damped, for the entire length necessary to reach the phono input makes this technique somewhat inadvisable.

We believe that the loss of quality that occurs with the introduction of a five-pole contact, is amply rewarded by the possibility of mounting, after the  tone arm, an absolute quality cable, with optimized geometries , sections and related shielding.

Our RNA cable is born on these assumptions.

The conductors used in RNA are multistrand copper  silver-plated, the insulations are in multiple layers of teflon,  the shields are in copper braiding, which makes the cable insensitive to electrostatic disturbances. Our winding techniques give to the cable low parasitic parameters. RNA is very immune to vibratory phenomena, in fact the elegant red anodized ergal plates, which bear the name and logo, also have the important function of giving a discrete mass to the cable and acting by damper of resonances. Furthermore, the inside of the cable, is inherently damped thanks to is winding techniques.

 RCA connectors are KLEI Classic Harmony RCA plugs ( in the pictures the old model with SHARK RCA connectors)

RNA is avilable with beautiful 1877 Phono straight or 90 degrees 5 PIN connector . Connectors are in gold plated copper.


 RNA stereo phono cable: 1150 euro , 1 meter, plus shipping

DCR of single pole , including connector resistances: 0,075 ohm ( measured with LCR meter BK precision 880)


When you order, please declare if you want straight or 90° DIN connector.