"KYASHAN" Fullrange microspeaker





"Kyashan" is my proposal for an electroacoustic speaker that fits well in an environment, sounds good and last but not least is very pleasant to look at. The design has been developed around an EMS loudspeaker that I knew very well, the wideband 5” LB5 (although in actual fact the emission surface is 4 inches). This loudspeaker is the whole range version of the more specialized model MA5 (which is still a full range but it is designed to be assisted by a bass unit) which has been supplied in the Calabi Yau (Custom MA5CL model) until now. The wide band LB5 has a die cast basket, large diameter ferrite driver with underhung geometry (mobile coil totally immersed, in all its height, in the gap, with all the spires always ‘active’) and a paper exponential membrane. 


On this beautiful component I personally carry out a treatment of the membrane in order to increase its rigidity and make it less sensitive to the changes of humidity in the environment.


Given the dimensions of the Kyashan I thought that using a full range loudspeaker rather than a two-way plus crossover was the best way to follow the Natural path of Sound. A quality loudspeaker like the one I chose allows to cover profitably the whole useful spectrum (with obvious physical limits imposed by dimensions). In particular I want to praise the Faraday ring that surrounds the polar plate of this loudspeaker. As well as minimizing the modulation of the magnetic induction vector from the musical signal circulating in the mobile coil, it also reduces the inductance of the mobile coil, and therefore it allows the acute range to be extended, which is vital given my choice not to use any additional tweeters.

The loudspeaker is assembled flush in order to avoid diffractions inside an 18 mm birch multilayer cabinet with a net volume of 5 liters, with panels attached at 45 degrees. The cabinet has pronounced radiusing on the borders with the purpose of preventing diffractions and therefore comb filtering, of the main emission.


The cabinet is equipped with a ‘downfire’ reflex system, i.e. directed towards the support surface. Thus there aren’t any issues in positioning the Kyashan within a bookshelf or very close to a wall. Furthermore the downfire reflex output will give a pleasant support to the low range (given that the solid angle of radiation is reduced compared to a traditional frontal or posterior output); this is important since the Kyashan are micro amplifiers. The low range supplied by the downfire reflex system is extremely intelligible and the support surface helps to improve the omnidirectional characteristics of the radiation.

The right distance between the surface and the amplifier, fundamental in order to establish the correct Fb tuning frequency of the cabinet, is set by three mirror polished Clinamen feet made of ERGAL 7075, with non-slip O-RINGs. The frontal logo and the back plate for the connections are made of mirror polished SAE 304.



The loudspeaker is lacquered in matt’DOVE BLUE’ (RAL5014). The lacquering is very nice at the touch, quite velvety.

 In the photos above the Kyashans are pictured next to the octal 6AS7G double triode (similar to 2A3 and 300B in size) in order to give an idea of the speaker’s dimensions.

  • Height: 280 mm Large: 170 mm Depth:191mm
  • Box 18 mm birch plywood
  • Net volume 5 litres
  • Blu colomba ( RAL 5014) mat finish lacquering
  • Clinamen coupling feet  ERGAL 7075 mirrored finish
  • Clinamen custom EMS MA5 /LB5 full range speaker with faraday ring on the pole piece
  • Fb= 83 Hz ( tuning frequency of the speaker in the box)
  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 75 Hz -->18 KHz
  • Sensitivity 90 dB/W/m
  • Low firing reflex mouth, with the possibility of positioning even close to a wall or shelf
  • Price 1700 euros for the pair plus shipping