About Clinamen cables


In order to create a high performance cable for audio use, be it of signal, power or power supply, it is necessary to analyze the problem in all its aspects.

our project milestones are:

  • Study of winding geometry.
  • Study of materials, conductors and insulators.
  • Research on insensitivity to vibrations, external and intrinsically generated, through the use of special winding geometries and damping materials.
  • electromagnetic, radio frequency and electrostatic interference rejection through adequate shielding.
  • Research of a high propagation speed of the musical signal inside the cable through the control of the parasitic parameters (capacity, inductance, resistance).
  • Quality of electrical terminations and their reliability . I find the best choice in the KLEI connectors
  • Listening tests aimed at confirming the technical choices related to winding geometry, type of conductor, type of insulation, type of shielding material, type of damping substance.

The Clinamenaudio cables  are the culmination of a long  work made of prototypes and listening sessions with friends, musicians and audiophiles.

We believe we have achieved important results, we invite you to compare Clinamen cables with any cable on the market, provided that they areput in a intrinsically neutral and revealing chain. In the Clinamen cables the musical signal flow with the maximum possible fidelity, since this is not altered by contamination due to spurious mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic / electrostatic fields and radio frequency. You will feel the difference, especially when you remove them to return to the previous interconnections.

In the following list you can read all Clinamenaudio cables production:



  semi-balanced signal cables:



DNA ( discontinued)


 phono DIN/RCA: