Decoupling spring feets




 We offer these stainless steel feets for all cases that require a decoupling between audio equipment and the external supports. Their ideal use is under rigid and heavy turntables (typical idler wheels turntables like Garrard 301/401 and Thorens TD124, with solid plywood plinths), under speakers, amplifiers and digital sources. The construction is made in stainless steel  (AISI 304 alloy) and it is possible to adjust the height of the feet, for a perfectly level of the audio equipment. The central spindle of the feet is supported by 3 springs positionated at 120 degrees, one from the other. This decoupling implement a high pass filter with low resonance frequency. In this way the vibrations coming from the support cannot go up to the audio equipment. It is possible to bind the central spindle of the feet with three or six spring. With six spring, the maximum load will be increased until 60 Kg ( for a kit of 4 feets)

The body of stainless steel feet is damped with bitumen / aluminum sheet, which makes it completely inert and to  parasistic vibrations.

 The feets can be equipped with two types of springs, SOFT or HARD, depending of the weight of the apparatus that they will be support. The feets are supplied with 3 springs for each feet. When you order you must specify if you need of the SOFT or HARD springs. The feets are sold only in a kit of four pieces.

In the following table you can understand the best load for your kit of 4 feets. The table is relative to three springs for feet configuration. If the springs become six for feet, you can double the load that the kit feets can support.



  4  feets kit   SOFT springs   HARD springs
 Minimal load (Kg) 2  5
 Optimal load (kg)  3-->6  8-->20
Maximum load (Kg)  8  28


The decoupling spring feets kit are delivered with a beutiful plywood box, laser cutting.


  • decoupling spring feets KIT . H ( hard) or S ( soft)  version ( nuber 4 feets in the kit)  : 300 euro. In this kit there are three springs for every feet. 
  • decoupling spring feets KIT HH ( heavy duty) version :  330 euro. In the HH version there are six Hard springs for every feet. 




Andrea Bedetti review of Clinamen decoupling spring feets in the italian magazine Audiophile Sound n. 160 :

 Piedini disaccoppianti-AS160.pdf


Andrea Bedetti review of Clinamen decoupling spring feets in the italian magazine Audiophile Sound n. 160 -161 

piedini AS160 extra.pdf