"SYNAPSES" semi-balanced signal cable





SYNAPSES is a high performance semi-balanced directional multithreaded and multi-section signal cable completely hand made with top quality material.


The SYNAPSES is designed and built with care for the geometry and quality of the conductors, the shielding from disturbing electromagnetic fields, radiofrequency and electrostatic, mechanical damping and the quality and stability of mechanical connections.


It has a semi-balanced structure. In other words the hot and cold poles have the same structure; but most of all the cold pole it is not used (like with coaxial cables unfortunately widely used in expensive signal cables) both for the shielding and for the signal ground loop. That is why the SYNAPSES has three electrically independent conductors.


Synapses is a directional cable. The signal direction arrows are carved on the wooden Synapses logo, cased in the beautiful red anodized ERGAL plaques.

The geometry of the cable coil has been studied to have the best combination of the parasite parameters of the cable (it would be nice to void them all but physics doesn’t let us…) in order to maximize the propagation speed of the signal going through it.


In the SYNAPSES  hot and cold poles are made of the parallel of 5 + 5 conductor cables with differentiated section.

The sonic balance of the cable has been achieved by experimenting and listening and then fine-tuning the total section of the copper as well as the ratio between the various section conductors. The conducting material is annealed silver plated copper with Teflon insulation. Around the core there are 3 layers; one for mechanical damping, one for shielding and one for protection/finishing.

The cable shielding is achieved through a copper sleeve which protects the cable from possible disturbing electrical fields within which it might happen to work. The copper sleeve is not connected, as is usually done, to the cold pole of the RCA connector, but is more versatile terminated on an externally led cable. In this way the earth connection can be made or not, depending on the situation, obtaining sounds that are in a certain sense customizable.

Red anodized ERGAL damper pads are applied in the end  of the cables. They dissipate the vibrational energy captured in the environment and they are also the seat for two laser printed wooden plaques; one has the Clinamen logo and the other the name of the cable and the direction arrow for the audio signal.

The terminations are carried out with top of the range connectors ( from my point of view) :  the KLEI Classic Harmony RCA Plugs ( in the picture are swown a old model of Stnapses , with SHARK connectors)


I have been using the KLEI connections for a few months with extreme satisfaction  because they were created keeping in mind two very important issues: the first concerns the electrical conductivity of the contact material, the second its geometry. In fact, the majority of commercial connections use brass/bronze alloys, which have an electrical conductivity around 60% of that of copper. KLEI instead uses copper, with particular metallurgical treatments that allow it to achieve electrical conductivities even higher than that of copper.

 Another very important issue is that of the geometry of the contacts: KLEI does not use massive contacts, but keeps the contact areas of the connection, in a certain sense, congruent with the geometry of the cable. In other words, it is not advisable, for the flow of electrons, to go from an element with one-dimensional geometry (i.e. one dimension predominant over the other two, as in the cable) to an element with three-dimensional geometry (three dimensions equally developed like the majority of connectors massive). For details on these speeches, please visit to the KLEI website, where these topics are properly explored.

All the soldering is carried out with CARDAS 4 eutectic solder. 50 hours breaking in are required to have maximum performance of the cable.

The external sleeve of the SYNAPSES cable is very elegant black nylon with red lacquered copper thread inserts.


The cable is delivered in an elegant laser printed wooden box.


The price for the Synapses stereo 1m cables is 1150 Euros, plus shipping





The cable is very balanced in the whole spectrum of frequencies. The low range is extremely articulated,  more powerful and delicate at the same time.

It has the utmost timbral neutrality and respect of the harmonious whole. The imaginary stage is very developed in height and width. The depth is cleared both behind and in front of the loudspeakers.

It is not a cable to be used as an equalizer; in the Clinamen philosophy each component must be intrinsically balanced. This is the only way to reach a Natural reproduction and the highest emotional involvement.