Step Up transformers



At Clinamen we strongly believe that the best way to deal with the weak signal of moving coil cartridges is by using completely passive step-up units, that is built with ascending transforming ratio transformers. It is a natural method and the most logical; hence it fits perfectly into Clinamen’s mission statement. Personally I think that the performances of a moving coil cartridge combined with a transformers step-up is much superior to those offered by active step-ups, especially in terms of signal/noise ratio and micro dynamics.

For many years, in Clinamen, I have been committed to designing state of the art S.U.T.s (step-up transformers) and we have a substantial set of very happy customers.

Clinamenaudio offers in all its step-ups UI cores with MUMETALL alloy (an alloy with around 80% content Nickel), a material with extremely high magnetic permeability which allows, at listening, to perceive a great resolution on low level details and to have great dynamics in transients. Cores are unusually large for these applications; this allows us to have a great primary inductance as well as extremely low resistive losses.


In 2024, on certain models we will use a core made of an ever more performing material: VACOPERM, produced by VACUUMSCHMELZE. It has an initial permeability much higher than Mumetall and allows us to increase further electrical and listening performance.

The design of the coils aims at obtaining the minimum dispersion of inductance and parasite capacity. This also occurs thanks to the perfect balancing of the transformer reached through the UI structure of the core, which allows us to have the winding on two independent reels, one per column.

During listening this translates into a greater dynamic impact and resolution of small level details, maintaining the balance of the timbre and the harmonic whole of the passing musical signal.

For more technical details on Clinamen step-up transformers please check the dedicated page.

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