Bernd K.- Stoccarda (Germania)

Review on the MC cartridge Denon-Clinamen CS103-R carbon block body + Sublima Jiva lacquer

I was just about to write an e-mail to you to tell you that I have listened to a lot of music over the week end and that the 10 hours of breaking in time have passed very soon.

 The result of your modifications are clearly audible. They represent a major improvement of my dl 103r. To be honest, after having listened to the unmoded pickup for quite a time, I was not very fond of it.

Your modifications changed my option about the dl103 dramatically. I now have a system that reproduces with precision and tight bass. The soundstage is much deeper and quite a bit wider as before. The edges which disturbed me before are gone, everything sounds much more natural.

Thanks to your modification that respects the general character of the dl103, I now really enjoy listening to music through this cartridge.

I don’t know which modification contributes to which improvement. Maybe you can explain this, but the overall result is convincing.


So all in all you have a happy customer.

HI FI chain of Bernd :

Custom LS3/5a with custom AB1 bass extenders

Kebschull 35/70 power amps

custom phono preamp based on EAR834p circuit with Lundahl step up transformers

Thorens TD 125 decks (both restored by myself 1 with modified SME 3009 SII imp. modified by Analogtubeaudio, Benz Micro Glider, 1 with Thorens TP 25 tonearm, modified Thorens headshell (insertion of 1mm carbon plates for stability and a 6mm carbon spacer, all done by myself) and your DL103). 

Power supply mainly TMR Audio (cables, mains filter), also some custom Lapp mains cables and custom