Triple Gain-Cu

This is the top model for Clinamenaudio Copper line step up trnasformes. 

The core used in this transformer is the same as the Two gain model, but the winding structure is completely different. In fact, in this model,  we offer three gains obtained with a dedicated primary windings , that it be directly to a dedicated RCA female plug . In this implementation we don't need of switch to match the primary windings, so the quality is better , because the switch, even if it is of enormous quality, always deteriorates the weak signal coming from the cartridge.

The other obvious difference compared to the Two gain model is the box: here we used the exclusive box dedicated to the 99.99 Ag line. This box is an imposing and elegant frame obtained from CNC machined from a solid block of ERGAL . The walls are 12 mm thickness. When we design the box, we thinking in addition to functionality, too a stylistic research and elegance in the forms, and ergonomy.

An interesting peculiarity is the  rear panel for the electrical connections, which is inclined to facilitate the insertion of the cables. Someone will tell that the serigraphs (obtained with laser marking) appear upside-down: but in reality  this facilitates their reading when we insert the cables from the front. So, the ergonomics of the product has been designed to facilitate the electrical connections ,  simply by placing himself  above it, witout the need of rotate the box.

On the bottom of the bow there is a plate which shows the technical data as the Gain and the primary and secondary impedances. 


All Clinamenaudio step-up family are designed for receive our " Harmonizator network" . They optimized electrical interfacing from cartridge-step-up and MM phono unit. The Harmonizator network are custom for the specified triptych ( cartridge-step up- phono preamplifier) . The Harmonizator network are on the request, and you can put it into two RCA  female plug named "SET". 

These fine calibration elements that Clinamenaudio make available are elements unfairly neglected by all the manufacturers: in fact both the electrical response and tone timbre of any step-up  transformers are strongly influenced by the source impedance with which it is driven (cartridge impedance + resistance of the first signal cable ) that from the impedance it must drive (resistance and capacity of the second signal cable  + resistance and input capacity of the phono stage).

Having said this, it is easy to deduce that the sound given by a generic step-up will be strongly influenced by the goodness of the interface, and if this is not considered as an element on which to intervene, it is completely left to chance. 

The positive influence of the harmonizing networks is greater when a non-optimal coupling is made. In the case of perfect couplings, the influence of the networks is audible, but will not give big difference in  the sound.




pair of Harmonizator network that will be insert in the RCA female plug, named "SET" 


Returning to the transformers manufacture, they have Vacoperm Ultrasize core and symmetrical copper windings. The high nickel alloy "Vacoperm" allows to have a very high reactivity to low level signals; the oversized core provide to a high primary inductance with very low resistive losses. All this gives our transformers strength and elegance in music reproduction.

Linearity is excellent and the frequency response is very high, well beyond the audible band. The Clinamenaudio triple-gain Cu step-up is hand wired point to point with silver-plated copper cable and teflon insulator. The welding is made with 4% Ag -Sn alloy. 

The range of gain available offers optimal interfacing with any Moving Coil cartridges: 

  • 1:12  GAIN ( 21,6 dB) is reccomended for cartridges with internal impedance between  15 to 50 ohm
  • 1:22 GAIN ( 26,8 dB) is reccomended for cartridges with internal impedance between  5 to 15 ohm
  •  1:34 GAIN (30,6 dB) is reccomended for cartridges with internal impedance between  2 to 4 ohm


The feets  is our CNC Clinamenaudio ERGAL feets, The painting is glossy metallized Venus grey 

Will reccomended  a minimum 30 hours break in time for the best permormance .

The Triple -gain Cu step up will be delivered in a fine wood laser cut box.

NB: In the photos you can see bronze feets, but in this model the feets have the same shape, but is made in ERGAL. So, in the pictures you can see RCA Rhodium plugs, but in this model it will GOLD plates. 


  • Gain: 1:12 ; 1:22 ; 1:34
  • Primary impedance: 25 Ω (gain 1:12) .  7Ω ( gain 1:22) . 3 Ω ( gain 1:34)
  • Secondary impedance: 3600 Ω
  • Balanced windings , Vacoperm ultra size cores custom Clinamen
  • ERGAL CNC box  12 mm thikness
  • Anodized ERGAL Clinamenaudio Feets
  • RCA "Shark Wire" gold plug
  • Point-to point hand wired
  •  Jantzen 4% Ag welding 





  • Price: 2300 euro ,  with standard Clinamenaudio glossy metallized Venus grey, delivered in a fine laser cut wood box.
  • Harmonizator network : 120 euro pairs
  • Custom painting: 100 euro 
  • Pearly painting: 140 euro