L5 ♯ grey matt finish


Clinamen-Lenco L5 # matte gray

The turntable below is a Level 5 #, which means that it is equipped with all the possible ‘accessories’. You can upgrade from L5 to L5 # at a later stage by buying the following accessories: carbon fiber mat, uncoupling spring feet or coupling bronze feet, tone wood clamp, Clinamenaudio RNA pentapolar signal cable.

This turntable has a look suitable to match any modern environment. The color is a RAL7031 gray with matte finishing, chosen together with our customer. The wood’s laminations have been ‘accompanied’ to a deeper gray tone, leaving them on sight but darkened to better match the top. The 9” tonearm supplied is a Morch DP6, for which we have built a designated slate board.

The feet chosen are the uncoupling spring feet. Depending on their taste and needs, customers can choose between uncoupling spring feet and coupling bronze feet for the L5 #.