Garrard 301/401


Garrard 301 Grease bearing  +  Ortofon tone arm + cocobolo armboard

This Clinamen Plinth have two particularity:  a indipendent secondary plinth for the tonearm and a ventilation port, with bachelite grid, for the motor. Paduck veneer natural lacquer finish , cocobolo armboard


Garrard 301 + Audio Technica ATP12T

This is one of the first Clinamen plinth, around the 2000.  The tonearm is mounted rigidly on a carbon block plate, that it is decoupled with damping rubber from the plinth. 

Garrard 401 + Rega Audiomods +DL103 Ebony

  • Garrard 401 with Rega audiomods series 5 tonearm, micrometric version
  • Plinth Clinamen , with frisè maple veneer, naturale shellac finish.
  • Vented channel for the motors, with carbon fiber grid
  • Clinamen carbon fiber MAT
  • Clinamen Ebony C103-eb cartridge


Garrard 401 + Dynavector DV505


  • Garrard 401 with Dynavector DV505 tonearm
  •  Clinamen multilayer beech  plinth
  •  Kavazinga veneer
  • natural shellac finish 
  • carbon block armboard
  • Clinamen Ebony C103-eb cartridge






Garrard 401 + REGA RB 250

  • Garrard 401 with REGA RB250 tonearm, with Litz rewiring
  • Clinamen multylaier of birch plinth , Kavazinga veneer, natural shellac finish 
  • Cocobolo armboard
  • Clinamen C103-eb cartridge  (ebony)