Thorens TD125 Mk1 Remake



This Thorens TD125 remake was very intensive in terms of time and resources. But let's analyze everything in order.

The Thorens TD125 is almost a contemporary of its famous idler-wheel brother, the TD124. With the TD125 Thorens wanted to produce a reference machine, at the time very expensive, with a  floating subframe in cast aluminum alloy for  solve all placement problems  of the rigid turntables. The driving of the motor is also very sophisticated: the 16-pole  synchronous motor (which rotates at the synchronism speed, this last function of the number of poles of the motor (16) and the frequency of the motor supply voltage) was powered from a  sinusoid rebuilt by a Wien bridge oscillator and then amplified by a transformer-less power amplifier consisting of complementary germanium power transistors! 

The oscillator provides to generate three frequency, each of wich can be pitch, so,  it is possible make fine frequency adjustments around the central driving frequency. In this way the 3 rotation speeds of 16, 33 and 45 rpm are provided, and the possibility of fine calibration of the same.

 In  this beautiful project, Clinamenaudio operation it will focused on all the parts that massive productions couldn't be cured

A new plinth In OVANGKOL harmonic wood was made, with adjustable heigh OVANGKOL feets.  In the rear face of the plinth there is a VDE power AC connectors and a carbon fiber plate with Rhodyum RCA and ground connectors. 

The tonearms has been changed with a beautiful REGA AUDIOMODS Series 5.  A new armboard has been replaced for better acoustic performance. The harmonic wood that we used was the BUBINGA, with natural shellac finish. The platter has been polished and painted with a transparent paint.

The subrame was painting with a pearled paint. On the bottom face of it, a treatment with bitume sheet ( Dynamat Xtreme) made him very damping. 

The spindle was polished and lubrificated with a spedial oil.

The plastic button has been changed with harmonic wood "Bubinga" wood buttons , hand made. 

Finally, the mat was the Clinamenaudio carbon fiber /cork Mat, and the cartridge  a Clinamenaudio C103-Cb ( carbon block body)