Elettra (Electra) is a mythological Greek character, daughter of Atlas and Pleione; Electra and her six sisters give their names to the seven main stars of the Pleiades cluster.

Elettra has been designed as a network cable with the goal of maximizing the cost-quality ratio. The building process has been optimized but the substance of the cable is extremely advanced, with multithreaded and multi-section coil geometry, using top of the range materials. Since it is destined to a non-critical area as far as interferences are concerned, this cable is not shielded. 

The cable is supplied in the length of 1.70m, including the terminations. 

The quality of the conductors is extremely high, silver plated copper annealed after the wire drawing, in order to loosen the internal tension; it is Teflon insulated. The structure of the cable is multithreaded and multi-section, with a sophisticated structure of winding and damping.  This allows us to combine a high impact on the reproduction of the low range with a wide high pitch and without any grain. The multi-section section positively affects the depth and width of the acoustic scene, which is excellent. The terminations are high quality with German plug on one side and IEC VDE on the other. There are also a couple of ferrites along the cable.

We suggest you avoid tight bends along the cable and lift it from the floor with wooden spacers.

 A minimum 30 hours breaking in with music signal is advised.


The price of Electra, 170 cm long, is 570 Euros. It is supplied in a wooden laser cut and printed box.

Clinamenaudio Elettra multiple conductor power cable



Clinamenaudio Elettra Power cable