lyphemus is a custom item with a bizarre name and great aesthetic finesse. It has been designed with the goal to combine an objet d’art and high quality music in small spaces and with limited budget

Polyphemus is a single channel monotriode in class A, zero feedback. Its peculiarity is that it has two inputs which are summed by a super-Permalloy transformer. The sum signal obtained is amplified and made available to the output with a power of 3.5 Watts in class A. Thus Polyphemus is created for a monophonic listening but nothing is lost from the starting information because the information of the right and left channels are summed up.

Polyphemus’s vertical development is enough to make it independent from tables and supports and just stand out by itself. Its sides are made of two 30cm by 40 cm Plexiglas panels.


The artistic peculia
rity of the Polyphemus is that if you look at it when it’s on in half-light, the side panels, being backlit, will come alive and will engage you in an emotional listening session which is both musical and visual.

In the specimen of Polyphemus we have built the burlesque dancer portrayed is Veruska Puff, depicted with Clinamenaudio props (a turntable and in other pictures with a Loto monophonic amplifier).

Polyphemus can be used in any way your imagination wishes; it could be a sophisticated Dock Station or you can connect to it any kind of source. 

Clinamenaudio recommends the use of a loudspeaker of at least 92 dB/w/m. We produce a suitable 95 dB transmission line loudspeaker, along the lines of the Karma, but more simplified.

Polyphemus has a carbon fiber top, power supply with polypropylene condensers, fixed bias, valve rectification with Ez81. The final valve is a KT66 Retró obviously triode connected. The driver stage is gas stabilized and the coupling is inductive with Custom Permalloy Clinamenaudio coil. On the back there is an extractor fan.