Bronze antiskating weight

We offer  anti-skating counterweights that it is very hard to find in the market, in the weights and in the material that we proposed.

Our counterweight has a mass of 4.2 g and is made of bronze. In Clinamen we prefer high mass arms coupled with low compliance heads. This combination imply that the centripetal force generated by the rotation of the disc is of considerable entity and, very often, the weights offered by the manufacturers of the tone arms are insufficient to balance it. 

Bronze is a particularly inert material and suitable for all quality applications.

Pur rispettando le correnti di pensiero che ritengono inutile compensare la forza di skating, con bracci ad alta massa , riteniamo, per test eseguiti, che la compensazione precisa della forza diskating porti ad un suono molto più equilibrato, con una migliore immagine stereofonica ed una usura del disco molto minore.



Selling price is 30 euro, including anti friction  high strenght wire