TD124 harmonic wood armboard

Harmonic wood armboard for Thorens TD124 . On the market you can find this armboard in different kind of materials, as mdf or plexiglass for example. In the natural way of the sound that we follow, there is the harmonic wood, for its great sonic virtues.  The wood that we used for this armboard is cocobolo or amaranth. The base is polished with glossy acrylic  paint , on the top and on the perimeter, and mat finish on the bottom. In the front of the armboard there is Clinamen logo, laser engraving. The logo is inlay in the cocobolo with a fine CNC processing.


The price for Amaranth  armboard is 300 euro, 350 for the cocobolo armboard. The armboard will be drilled for the specified tonearm.