Bronze-arnite giant thrust pad


We build a wonderful Thrust pad for the spindle of the TD124. The thrust pad is build from a massive block of bronze, the inner pad is made in "ARNITE" a special polymer with great hardness and low friction behaviour. In the kit of the thrust pad you can find  stainless steel screws and a  "Flexoid" paper gasket laser cutting . On the bottom of the thrust pad, there is the Clinamenaudio logo. 



In the following photo you can see because we reccomended  to replace the original thrust-pad with our Clinamen: the original thrust pad is made by thin stamped steel disc with a nylon whaser as anti friction material: both the  metal sheet and the nylon washer are strongly deformed, under the high pressure that the spindle sphere exercises on them. This is certainly not the best conditions for the rotation of the spindle. In our thrust pad, the spindle sphere is support by 6 mm thickness arnite pad, which is drowned in a solid bronze hub, which helps to dissipate the vibrations produced in the rotation.

Original thrust pad vs Clinamen bronze-arnite 

Speaking about Arnite pad, we can tell that it is a  semicrystalline polymer of higher quality than common commercial polyesters. It has very high dimensional stability and hardness and low friction coefficient and unalterable behaviour. Excellent in precision applications 


Complete Bronze thrust -pad  for TD124  ( bronze housing plus arnite pad plus two gasket plus stainless screws) : 115 euro plus shipping cost