Thorens TD124 fully restoration

Clinamenaudio makes available a restoration service for Thorens TD124 idler wheel turntable. We offers two kind of restoration: the standard, and the plus


"Standard" restore 

In the standard restoration, that we proposed at the price of 700 euro,  we offer the following  services/parts:

  • Fully dissasembly of the turntable 
  • Cleaning af all turntable parts, including screws, with Ultrasonic washing machine.
  • Chassis painting, in the original colour, or with custom colours on demand without extra charge. Extra charge only for metallized painting ( 40 euro) or pearl painting ( 60 euro) R
  • Fully motor restore, with opening , and cleaning. ( in the standard restoration the motor bushings is not changed, but cleaning)
  • Replacement of parts usured ( above you can find a detailed list of the replaced parts)
  • Re-assembly, greasing of the cinematism, and fine tuning. 


Chassis after dissasembly of all parts

Chassis with new painting

 Each piece is cleaned with our professional ultrasonic cleaner. Fat residues, oxidations and signs of aging are eliminated.

The engine is opened , inspectioned , cleaning and greasing. The D.C. resistances of the windings are checked. If they should be out of standard, a possible purchase of new windings will be evaluated with the customer, but this is a rather rare occurrence.

The inner of motor cover show the signs of time

Motor parts after a preliminary manual washing 

Removing the standard rivets, from the motor carters, is possible extract the bushing and the felt pads and consequently cleaning with  the ultrasonic washing machine. The felt pads are cleaned and lubricated. The reassembly of the bushings in the motor carters is carried out no longer with rivets but with stainless steel screws, this up-grade which makes future inspection / revision easier, and certainly,  ensuring a safer closure.



Ultrasonic whasing machine 

TD124 parts before and after Ultrasonic washing

 Diasassembled motor covers, with bushings and felt pad, after ultrasonic whaser

Bronzine rimontate con i loro carter fissati con viti inox M2.5 dopo aver ingrassato e lubrificato i feltrini interni

Motor reassembly after depth washing/ revision

 The motor is reassembled on the chassis with a kit of new  decoupling rubbers.

All TD124 parts before reassembly 

The spindle is inspected, polished and lubricated with oil of adequate viscosity. The original thin thrust pad with his nylon washer, is often deformed, so it will be  replaced with our magnificent massive thrust pad made of bronze, with the inner pad made in special polymer named " Arnite ", a high hardness and antifriction plastic material

Original Thrust Pad vs Clinamen Bronze-Arnite

The strobo system is cleaning and a new mirror and strobo window will be installed 

The plastic whaser under the idler pulley will be changed, as the little thrust pad in nylon under the step pulley 

The electromagnetic brake will be cheched and calibrated. 

The Anti - Arc condenser, mounted in parallel with the ON/OFF switch, will be chanced with a new CLASS X2 EVOX-RIFA  condenser. 

The belt will be changed, as well as the THORENS stikers. 

New X2 Anti -Arc condenser

When all the old grease will be removed, and replaced with new, fresh grease and oil, you can be amazed by the sweetness and fluency with which you can operate the levers of your TD124 turntable. 


In the following list you can find all the parts that , in the standard restore, will be made/changed:

  1. new main frame painting
  2. new giant Clinamenaudio thrust pad in bronze/arnite for the spindle 
  3. new belt
  4. new strobo mirror
  5. new strobo window
  6. new Anti Arc X2 condenser on the ON/OFF switch
  7. new 33Kohm resistor with cable placed in series with the strobo lamp
  8.  Thorens stikers
  9. New rubber dampers for the motor suspension 
  10. New plastic whasher under the ifler pulley
  11. New PVC  whaser (thrust pad) under the step wheel 

In the following list you can see all the parts that NOT BE CHANGED in the standard restore:

  1. strobo Lamp
  2. Motor bushings and related felt pads  ( but it will depth cleaning with ultrasonic whashing machine and fine lubrificated)
  3. Idler pulley (which is inspected and rectified)
  4. Bubble level

   "Plus"  Restore 

In the Plus restore, that we propose at the price of 1200 euro, in addition to what was done in the standard, we changed the following parts:

  1. Strobo lamp
  2. Bushing and felt pads of the motor,  Swiss made.
  3. Bubble level
  4. Fully spindle/hub restore. It consist with new sintered bushings placed in the hub, coupled with centesimal tolerance to related spindle. 
  5. Up- grade of the motor suspension from rubber dampers to conical spring. The springs ensures a better level of isolation from the vibrations of the motor. ( The conical spring were introduced in the last years of the production of the TD124 mk2 )

In the Plus restore is not be changed the idler pulley  (which is inspected and rectified) 

conical springs for better motor decoupling

NB: If during the restore will be damaged parts that needs to be changed, not included in the overlying lists, we will contact the customer and discuss what to do