Basic restoration kit TD124 parts


We sell a restore kit for Thorens TD 124, produced entirely by us (made in ITALY) for a basic revision of the TD124. The sense of this kit is to provide our customers, with a single buying, 5 components that in the TD 124 needs to be replaced . Since they are cheap items, we have assembled them in one article and we sell them together. We would like to emphasize the quality of our kit, perfectly compliant with the original specifications

In the kit you can find:

  1.  Strobo window made with pvc,  1,1 mm thikness, laser cutting.
  2.  Strobo mirror, 2 mm  thikness
  3.  Arc-suppressor condenser  class X2 EVOX RIFA , you can mount it across the ON/OFF switch
  4.  Sticker Thorens TD124
  5.  Oil for spindle



The price of the kit, with the five items, is 70 euro plus shipping