Gasket for Lowther loudspeaker


Gasket for 8” frame Lowther loudspeakers




We have decided to offer purpose built gaskets for those who love the full-range Lowthers.

The purpose of the gasket is manifold:

  • It seals the back volume of the loudspeaker, often the seat of high pressure, thanks to the horn loading; this avoids air discharges which bring loss of performance and audible puffs.
  • It allows a perfect mechanical matching between the diffusing box and the loudspeaker frame.
  • It allows the uncoupling of the box and the loudspeaker, which benefits the sound, breaking the box/frame mutual resonance loop.


We produce two models, one at 1.2mm made of paper and one at 3mm made of cork. They are both laser-cut using special material for the gaskets. Their usage also makes it easier to disassemble the loudspeaker in the future. Indeed, since the gasket does not require glue, the loudspeaker will not weld to the box, avoiding risky operations with screwdrivers or other tools.


  • pair of 1,2 mm gasket for Lowther 8" frame: 30 euro
  • Pair of 3 mm corck gasket for Lowther 8" frame: 50 euro
  • Prices is without shipping. We ship worldwide