"ENDORPHIN" Speaker cable

Clinamenaudio has developed a new power cable which is excellent value for money: Endorphin.

Endorphin, like any other Clinamen cable, is born from a geometric study on limiting the picking up and irradiation of electromagnetic and radio-frequency fields. The other goal is to minimize the problem of vibrations, both the self-generated mechanical ones when the current goes through it and those picked up from the surrounding environment.

The geometry of the cable coil has been studied to have the best combination of the parasite parameters of the cable (it would be nice to void them all but physics doesn’t let us…) in order to maximize the propagation speed of the signal going through it.

Our choices are guided by listening sessions that aim at fine-tuning the most neutral and balanced possible cable; we follow a process of feedback and iterations with design to achieve the desired result.

Endorphin is built with plaited multithread conductors individually insulated with Teflon. The copper used in the conductors is silver coated multi-strand annealed after the process of wire-drawing.

The process of annealing copper is very important, because wire drawing (the mechanical process where the conductor is reduced to the desired cross-section by pulling it through a series of drawing dies) damages and strains the metal. Annealing allows the molecules and electrons of the copper to resettle in an ordinate structure. That is because the metal is left for a sufficient time at a temperature suitable to allow diffusing processes in the molecules.

The multithreaded cable is damped through multiple layers of Teflon. The sections of the copper, both the single conductor and the total pole, are carefully chosen to have the best balance between all the sonorous parameters. The cable is elegantly protected by an exquisite black nylon sleeve with inserts in real lacquered red copper.

At the ends of the cable there are splitters made from beech plywood, with the Clinamen logo on the amplifier side and the name ‘Endorphin’ on the loudspeaker side.

The soldering is carried out with high silver content WBT. The equivalent total section of the conductors for each pole is 2.5 square mm. The flexibility of the cable is extremely high due to the multi-section internal construction and Teflon insulation. Nevertheless we suggest not to step on it and not to bend it to a tight radius.


It is particularly suitable for high sensitivity loudspeakers (a low efficiency loudspeaker would not let the virtues of the cable shine) because it is extremely transparent and dynamic, without information loss and with high resolution of details both in high and low level. The scene, both in width and depth, amazes for its dimensions that extend beyond the physical limit of the loudspeakers.

It is sold at the price of 670 Euros a pair of 3 + 3 meters, gold banana plug terminated on the signal starting side (amplifier) and with forks on the loudspeaker side.

Usage notes



At least 20 hours breaking in with musical signal are necessary to get the best performance.

The cable has high mechanical flexibility due to the construction with paralleled multiple conductors and the Teflon insulation. Nevertheless we advise against bending it to a tight radius because the conductor would be stressed.

During the installation tight coils must be avoided. Lay the cable in the most linear possible way, taking care not to lay it parallel or too close to network power supply cables. If the cable rests on the floor it can be detached from the latter through wood spacers.

Download the Endorphin brochure!

 Brochure Endorphin cables.pdf