Luigi B. - Roma

A little foreword.

I am an enthusiast analogist audiophile with a preference for instruments that made the history of Hi-Fi, as well as a lover of good music. I am one of those who (unfortunately or fortunately) resist anything but temptations. Thus to enrich my little collection of turntables, persuaded by the many favorable comments, on the specialized press and not only that, on the excellent performance of bull wheel systems, I started a search on the web for a THORENS TD 124 turntable, illustrious example of this category. In a short time I found a specimen in decent conditions at a reasonable price. Now the issue was that the excellent performance I mentioned above was obtained exclusively with devices in perfect electromechanical conditions and it definitely wasn’t the case with the item I found.

Thus the dilemma was who to ask for the renovation of the turntable knowing that the work would be carried out thoroughly and professionally at an acceptable price. And this is when eng. Stefano Buttafoco, owner of Clinamen Audio comes in.

What can I say? There was never a better choice. Extreme care in the restoring process, obsessive attention to even the smallest and most insignificant detail. Deep knowledge of any possible problem with the device, upgrade with small jewels of micromechanics built by himself (thrust pad and others) or found on the Swiss market (motor suspension springs), high craftsmanship aesthetic reconditioning (professional sandblasting and painting of the structure with baked catalyzed paint and enamel). All this accompanied by extreme courteousness and availability which, believe me, is not easy to find elsewhere.


Result of the restoration? SENSATIONAL SOUND.

How to end this but with a THANK YOU STEFANO.

Sine Cera

Luigi B.

P.S. companies are abstract entities. Their greatness, professionalism, reliability and availability are determined by the people who make them.